Gain valuable experience, share your tech knowledge, and make a real impact. Volunteering at the Keeping Digital Foundation is rewarding, beneficial and makes a difference in our communities. 
Are you a tech-savvy individual looking to make a positive impact for your community? Do you want to share your knowledge and skills while gaining valuable experience? If so, volunteering at the Keeping Digital Foundation in York and North Yorkshire is the perfect opportunity for you! 

What is the Keeping Digital Foundation? 

We may be biased but we think the Keeping Digital Foundation is a fantastic charitable organisation working hard to bridge the digital divide. We believe in a world where everyone, regardless of background or circumstances, has the skills and access to thrive in today's digital society. 

Why Volunteer with the Keeping Digital Foundation? 

There are so many good reasons to spend your time and expertise volunteering with the Keeping Digital Foundation, but here are our top picks: 
Share Your Passion for Technology: If you love computers, coding, or problem-solving with tech, volunteering lets you pass that spark onto others, inspiring the next generation of makers. 
Make a Real Impact: The Keeping Digital Foundation makes a tangible difference in people's lives. Whether you're helping someone send their first email, navigate complex online forms, or teaching a young person to code, you'll directly improve lives in our local communities. 
Learn and Grow: Volunteering helps you hone your own skills and gain new ones. Perhaps you'll improve your communication abilities by explaining technology concepts, pick up new problem-solving strategies, or learn new tech skills yourself. 
Become Part of a Supportive Community: The Keeping Digital Foundation fosters a strong sense of community with like-minded individuals who share a passion for helping others. Not every volunteer is an expert in tech, but we all have a strive to do better for our local community. Our volunteers become part of our Keeping Digital Foundation family, and we use apps like our VolunteerPortal to ensure easy communication within our amazing team including finding out more about all the great work each volunteer does. 

How you can get involved with the Keeping Digital Foundation 

We offer a variety of ways to get involved through volunteering, and our volunteer opportunities are all flexible - meaning you are in control of when and how often you volunteer. 
Volunteer at our Digital Cafes: Our Digital Cafes are popping up across the city of York, providing a space for York residents to get dedicated support in getting online. Hosted in a 2 hour session, residents can come down for a warm drink and to ask any questions they may have (and bring along any devices). Our volunteers assist people attending these drop-in sessions, helping them with tech issues and digital skills. 
Volunteer at our Gwiddle Clubs: If you have programming skills or are able to help people with problem-solving, you can help inspire young people at our fun coding workshops (known as Gwiddle Clubs). Our Gwiddle Clubs are a friendly place for young people to meet and develop their coding and tech skills or to learn something new. We run informal sessions where young people from 7-17 and families can come along and work on projects, develop new skills, participate in challenges, whatever they want. Our volunteers are there to provide guidance, encouragement & support in a relaxed environment. Young people can work on an existing project, learn something new, show us their cool coding projects or just see what’s going on. 
Administrative and Fundraising Opportunities: There are also opportunities to support the Keeping Digital Foundation behind the scenes with administration and fundraising activities. We are only able to run the services we provide with thanks to our amazing fundraisers. 

Who can get involved? 

You don't necessarily have to be a tech whizz to volunteer at the Keeping Digital Foundation! There are volunteering roles to suit all levels of expertise and skill sets. Whether you just want to support young people in problem solving or want to help residents tackle a wide range of technical questions, the Keeping Digital Foundation is there to provide training and support to all of our volunteers. 

Ready to Volunteer? 

Exciting! If you're passionate about helping others, we encourage you to take the first step! Visit our Volunteering page and fill out one of our forms. Our friendly Volunteering team will then be in touch to book in a quick call to help you learn more about the amazing work we do and how you can join our team of incredible volunteers. 
Your time and energy will directly contribute to creating a more digitally inclusive and equitable community! 


Volunteer Coordinator and Charitable Assistant-Lead 
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