The Keeping Digital Foundation are proud to have signed the York Citywide Volunteering Pledge to show our commitment to contributing towards a thriving culture of Volunteering in York. 
Back in 2022, representatives from the many local Charities, Voluntary Organisations, volunteers, prospective volunteers, and the City of York Council came together to discuss what was important to them when it came to volunteering. The results of these discussions and surveys have culminated in the co-production of a new, five year, citywide volunteering strategy for York. 
The York Citywide Volunteering Strategy is owned by several organisations across York who involve Volunteers. Each organisation has contributed to the action plan to explain how they will implement some of the areas of work. 
The Keeping Digital Foundation have joined many other organisations who involve volunteers in signing the York Citwide Volunteering Pledge. The pledge shows our commitment to aspire to achieve the principles set out below, and highlights our dedication to contributing towards a thriving culture of Volunteering in York. 
The list of local charities and voluntary organisations who have signed the pledge (last updated 29th December 2023) 
As part of the pledge, we are working towards achieving the following principles: 
Consider city priorities in our volunteering opportunities 
Share good practice resources with other local charities and voluntary organisations 
Simply and reduce the bureaucracy 
Work with our volunteers to build a strong Equality/Equity, Diversity (EDI) and Inclusion Policy 
Support those who need extra help to volunteer 
Contribute content to city-wide comms campaigns 
Promote city-wide comms campaigns 
Work with our volunteers in our new strategy/board 
Participate in York Volunteering Surveys 
Many of the themes and issues are not new: we all want good quality volunteering opportunities and experiences, and good practice and volunteer involvement and this has not changed. However, what is paramount to the city now more collaboration between organisations involving volunteers; recognising that by working together we can achieve more and add value to the volunteering landscape in York. We also want to make volunteering as accessible as possible and include people from a wide range of diverse backgrounds. 
We look forward to working hard internally and externally to act upon the York Volunteering Pledge and ultimately make our volunteering opportunities even better. 


Co-Founder and Volunteer Coordinator 
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