North Yorkshire's leading digital inclusion charitable organisation is delighted to announce it's first national project by relaunching Gwiddle, providing free hosting for students. 
The Keeping Digital Foundation is proud to be relaunching Gwiddle, providing free website hosting for UK students! Gwiddle is a new service operated by the Keeping Digital Foundation, a UK-based charitable organisation aiming to improve access to digital technology and also support young people in Computer Science education. To allow more students to get involved and try coding, we're providing free website hosting so students can test code and build exciting projects, with the aim to inspire the next generation. 
Gwiddle Host was a previous service provided by the now defunct Gwiddle Foundation. By relaunching the name and service, the Keeping Digital Foundation aim to support young people into Computer Science, whilst also working to improve HTML educational resources. By providing free web hosting for UK students, students can have a play with code and build exciting projects that are hosted through Keeping Digital's monitored servers. 
The Keeping Digital Foundation are already working on the infrastructure, which will see improvements compared to earlier versions of Gwiddle, and the new Gwiddle website is being developed with the official launch date of Monday 2nd October 2023. 
Students from registered UK education institutions can then apply for an account and verify their eligibilty whilst hosting on Gwiddle. Gwiddle will implement numerous safeguarding practises to monitor and review what is hosted on the servers. 
Educators are also encouraged to get involved with Gwiddle working with teachers to provide free web hosting in the classrooms. 
Gwiddle will also allow people to purchase and host their own domains. All profits from the purchase of domains will be used to fund Gwiddle education programmes and the costs of running the free student hosting servers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who can create a free account on Gwiddle? 
Any student who has access to an email from a verified UK education institution can request a free account. Accounts must be verified via email every six months to confirm eligibility. 
How do I sign up for a free Gwiddle account? 
You will be able to sign up for a free account on the Gwiddle website. A member of our team will verify your eligibilty and email you with your account details, this can take up to 3 working days. 
Will you be able to access any data from previous Gwiddle accounts? 
Gwiddle, from the Keeping Digital Foundation, is not connected to the previous and now defunct Gwiddle Foundation. We are unable to provide any support and do not have access to information from any accounts connected to the defunct Gwiddle Foundation. 
I have a question. How can I get in touch with the support team? 
You can email our team at Our support team will then aim to respond to your query within three working days. Some questions may require extra time to help you, and we will communicate this where possible. We are unable to set up any accounts until Gwiddle launches. 
What can I use Gwiddle for? 
Your free Gwiddle account will allow you to host a website for free (you can use your own custom domain). The website must be an educational project and cannot be used for commerical gain or include any content that is not appropriate. 
When will Gwiddle launch? 
We're currently getting ready to launch the new Gwiddle website and you will be able to visit this before the launch. Registrations on the new Gwiddle website will open on the 2nd of October 2023. We are unable to register any Gwiddle accounts until this date. 
I'm an educator. Can I use Gwiddle in the classroom? 
Of cause you can! Any UK student can sign up for a free Gwiddle account, great for hosting any website projects you may be working on. Gwiddle is set up to support students studying computer science and to inspire the next generation. We're also working on free lesson plans which will launch on the Gwiddle website early 2024. 


Founder and Community Coordinator 
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