100% Digital York is a brand new partnership including the Keeping Digital Foundation, which plans to build a network that supports the residents of York to get online. 
The Keeping Digital Foundation have announced they are starting to look for a team of volunteers to help them provide support to local residents and other local charities, as we come together to help everyone gain skills to access vital online support and services. 
The Keeping Digital Foundation will be providing online support through the Keeping Digital Foundation website which will have guides and tips to getting online. Online volunteers will be able to answer any questions that are sent to them from local residents. This could expand to create a buddy system where volunteers are paired up with local residents to provide support. 
In-person volunteers will help the Keeping Digital Foundation provide their important cafe service. Keeping Digital Foundation will be hosting monthly cafes at various libraries and community spaces across the city, where residents can drop by to ask questions, or to get help setting up online devices such as laptops and phones. 
The 100% Digital York network is vital in helping the residents of York get online. With many services and support information moving online, the network will be vital in helping people to get online. The volunteer network will also work with the many local charities across the city as the Keeping Digital Foundation partner with them to help as many residents as possible. 
The Keeping Digital Foundation have today started a city-wide advertising campaign, which will see the message advertised on various local news websites, and also broadcasted through some of the city’s radio stations. 
The Keeping Digital Foundation will also increase advertising across the city through leaflets, posters and other marketing activities as they seek to attract as many volunteers as possible. 
All volunteers must be 16+ and live in the city of York or surrounding areas. They do not need to be an expert in IT as the Keeping Digital Foundation will provide helpful guides, but do ask that they have basic IT knowledge (can operate a PC/Laptop, install updates, use basic software). 
People interested in volunteering with 100% Digital York should sign up on the Keeping Digital Foundation website (keepingdigital.org.uk), and a member of the volunteering team will get in touch soon. 


Co-Founder and Volunteer Coordinator 
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