Brand Guidelines 

We receive enquiries from people wondering whether they can use our various logos in a number of different applications – on third-party accessories, on websites, and so on. 
We need to make sure that we protect the unique identity of the Keeping Digital Foundation (our “brand”), and to ensure that when people see the Keeping Digital Foundation name or logo, they know it is being used for genuine Keeping Digital Foundation services. 
We want to help you to use our branding in the right way, so we have prepared some guidelines that explain how and when to use it. Please help us to protect the Keeping Digital Foundation by following these rules and guidelines and only using approved brand assets from (any logos or imagery found elsewhere on the Internet are not authorised by us). Any use of our brand and visual identity must abide by the requirements and restrictions set out here. 

Our Logo 

The Keeping Digital Foundation Logo 

Our logo is a key part of our brand’s identity, with many local residents trusting the organisation behind our green text. It’s important that our logo is also responsive and can be used in a variety of different spaces. That’s why variations of our logo have been designed. 

In aid of Keeping Digital Foundation Logos 

We’ve created some ‘In aid of’ logos for you to use when organising and running a fundraiser for the Keeping Digital Foundation. All we ask is that you include the following words nearby: ‘Keeping Digital CIC are a Community Interest Company (14359747) in England & Wales’ 

Using our logos with colours 

Making sure you use the logos correctly with the right brand colours is crucial. Follow these next rules to ensure you’re following the correct colour combinations. Any misuse may result in poor readability, too much contrast and inconsistency. 

Incorrect usage of our logo 

Our logo should not be altered in any way, including extending, condensing, outlining, adding strokes or drop shadows. The examples present incorrect usage and alterations of administrative logotypes. Make sure you leave the logo’s as they are and do not break the rules. 

Our Font 

The Keeping Digital Foundation Font 

Using a set of consistent fonts for our organisation is going to be crucial because it sets the tone. Our fonts have been chosen to create a strong brand identity. Using consistent typography across our brand will make us become more recognisable and memorable. 

Our Colour Scheme 

Our distinct and complimentary colour palette is an important part of building brand recognition. Our colour palette will be used across our socials, stationery, website and so much more. On the next page is the chosen colour palette and why it’s been chosen for our organisation. 

We're here to help you use our brand in the correct way. 

Whether you are looking to use our branding to help spread the word of our services, or to create posters for a fundraiser, our team are here to help you use our branding in the correct way. You can drop our team an email at Thank you for your support in protecting our brand. 
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