Partnering with local businesses to improve free Wi-Fi access across York 

In today's world, having access to the internet is essential for personal growth and societal progress, from having the ability to keep in touch with friends, to growing your knowledge through online education or accessing healthcare services through the NHS app. Recognising this, the Keeping Digital Foundation is committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to connect through free Wi-Fi in York. 
We are supporting local York businesses with cheap Wi-Fi. For a £25 monthly donation (with a commitment of 12 months or 24 months), the Keeping Digital Foundation will supply the business with a Wi-Fi kit. These kits require no installation - just plug in. The Wi-Fi boxes make use of 4G and 5G signal so no engineers are required, and come with an additional box to add the Wi-Fi to the public network. 
As part of the £25 monthly donation, you also become a registered supporter of the Keeping Digital Foundation - helping you show your commitment to your local community. 
This means you have a private Wi-Fi network for you and your staff, and a free Wi-Fi network for customers and the public to use. As part of this, Keeping Digital Foundation will add your free Wi-Fi to our public map and will help protect your customers using our automatic filter. This is intended to block illegal or harmful sites, and not as a barrier to legitimate internet use. Payday loans websites are blocked as part of City of York Council’s anti-poverty strategy. 

Register your interest 

A member of our Community team will be in touch about your application within 5 working days. 

What the free Wi-Fi access looks like for your customers 

Phones displaying the free Wi-Fi screen
Your business name will replace "Digital Cafes" 
At locations where the Wi-Fi is managed by the Keeping Digital Foundation, it's super easy to sign in to our free Wi-Fi! 
In your Wi-Fi settings on your device, look for the network called [YOUR BUSINESS NAME] Free 
A log-in page will now pop-up on your device - it can take a few seconds to load 
You can sign in via Facebook (on certain devices), or you can fill out the form to create your account/log-in. We only use these details to ensure our network remains safe. We will never sell your details. Once done filling out the form, hit the arrow. 
That's it! 
If you have any questions about our Wi-Fi network, email our team at or give us a call on 01904 900127 - we're here to help. 
Did you know that you can now sign in via Facebook (on certain devices)? This makes it even easier to get logged in to your Keeping Digital Wi-Fi account! Fingers crossed, we'll roll out the option to log in with other accounts, like Google, in the future. Logging in via these platforms doesn't mean we get any additional data, we just partner with these apps to generate your account details. 
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