The Keeping Digital Foundation are excited to share their brand refresh, designed with the aim to inspire the next wave of changes we hope to bring to the lives of residents across the country. 
Times are tough. 1 in 20 households across the UK have no internet access, neither fixed line nor mobile. More and more things are going online, and you're tired of having no one to stand up for you. 
We’ve always focused on community. Working with you to share your stories, offering support and advice when you need it and challenging the Government to make digital inclusion a priority. And that will never stop. 
But the world has changed, and we frankly need to change too. 

We listened 

Over the last year, we worked closely with our service users to hear what you need from us. 
You told us you want honesty, for us to speak up more on the issues you care about and offer digital inclusion support that makes you feel listened to. All of you. That means doing more for forgotten about communities and those who can't easily reach out for support. You want solutions beyond the one-size-fits-all approach to digital exclusion. 
And you want to know there’s a real solution to getting connected. 

How we're developing 

You told us it can feel like there’s a lot of ‘noise’ from charities, decision-makers and brands without much action. We don’t want to create more noise without it meaning something real for you. 
That's why we promise to: 
Sharing more on the issues you care about and actions you can take, even if it's not with us. 
Being guided by local residents who will continue to teach us how to keep pushing for the society we all need. 
Creating ways for you to find or grow your community. 
Expanding our in-person services across the whole of Yorkshire, with online and telephone support for the whole of the UK. 

We're becoming more vocal 

Our brand refresh consists of a brand new font and more visible, and accessible, colour schemes. We're using our brand to shout out about the issues that are impacting residents across York, North Yorkshire and the rest of the country! 
It's also why we've developed four key pillars to our new brand: 
Text that says vocal with a megaphone
We're speaking more about issues that impact our local communities and drawing attention to our stats 
Text saying Disruptive with people protesting in the background
We're being more meaningful in our campaigns, with a direct call to action to actually help our communities 
Text that says community-led with a volunteer in the background
We're about communities helping their communities, shaping our services around those needing support and our amazing volunteers. 
Text that says Driven for Change with a photo of House of Parliament in the background
It shouldn’t be on you to fix digital exclusion. We're campaigning even harder to ensure everyone has the same opportunities to stay connected. 

But mainly, we're continuing our great work 

We're continuing to run all of our amazing services, and in fact we are working to expand these even further. Here's some things we're working towards: 
An expansion of the Digital Cafe network across Yorkshire 
Dedicated workshops launching at our Monks Cross, York hub 
More digital making activities across North Yorkshire 
Gwiddle Clubs running across England 
A new e-safety guide for all parents and guardians 
Even more volunteering opportunities that benefit local communites 
The Keeping Digital Foundation you know and love isn't going anywhere, we've just given ourselves a little lick of paint and a new font so we can shout about our amazing work and the real issues that are affecting the people we serve. 
We can't wait to welcome you on this journey. Digital exclusion shouldn't be a norm and by working together we can ensure everyone has the chance to get connected. And for those who simply don't wish to get connected, we're here to ensure they aren't forgotten. 
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